Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mamma Mia layout

Ever since I saw a performance of Mamma Mia this summer, my ticket from the show sat on my computer desk, asking to be scrapbooked.

There was one problem - photography wasn't permitted, so I didn't take any pictures. (I would have needed a serious zoom lens considering where I was seated even if I had felt like a rebel). So how do I scrapbook something when all I have is a battered ticket?

With all the recent excitement of the trailers for the movie version (coming next summer) (squee!) I decided to start at the official website, where I knew there were pictures of the actors.

Lo and behold, I filled three pages with bounty from the Internet.

First challenge - the performance I saw had an understudy (Whitney Claire Kaufman) in the part of Sophie. I wanted to scrapbook the cast I saw, so any press photos featuring the regular actress couldn't be used.

Second challenge - there have been cast changes since I saw the show, and one of the actresses no longer had her headshot on the official site. Fortunately, she has a personal website, so I could grab a photo of her from there (same photo as used in the programme - I would have scanned it as a last resort).

By Googling several reviews, I was able to find several press photos which I could use, including some outstanding high resolution ones. I also found some photos on Flickr, from a rebel who did take pictures of the show, and stole used part of one.

The "Mamma Mia" lettering was done on my Cricut. This was the first time that I used brads, and I really like them. It took a lot of research to create these pages, and I'm proud of them.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Why Solo Scrapbooking?

Welcome to my new blog! In which I shall document the world of a solo scrapbooker.

So what is solo scrapbooking? To me, it means scrapbooking from the single person's point of view. Or a person who doesn't have a lot of scrapbooking friends locally, and tends to use the Internet.

To me, it mostly means scrapbooking outside the box - scrapbooking about something other than one's family. Because if you look at scrapbooking magazines and websites, 99% of the layouts include a spouse and/or children.

My layouts are part of the 1% not including a spouse or kids. I'm a little tired of walking into Michael's and being confronted with all the wedding or baby stickers. I'm hungry to chat with others.

It's not that I hate married people or children. It's not that I think I am lacking something or that something is wrong with me. It's just that it sometimes feels that the scrapbooking industry doesn't know what to do with me. So I'm speaking up.

I am a single woman, with cats. I went to a crop once, and nobody knew what to chat with me about, because I was the one person who didn't have pictures of my children with me. They were relieved when I pulled out pictures of my niece and nephew. :-)
So I don't go to a lot of events. I prefer to chat online. And I am living a solo life. I am a solo scrapbooker.

It is my aim to share my layouts with you, that fit into that 1%. To challenge you to focus on you. To share resources. And to have fun. Because if scrapbooking isn't fun, what's the point?